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Didyouknow 16.pngDid You Know..

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Each extension can add UI elements such as menus, toolbars and panes. This document and the associated source code will list the required steps for creating a basic pane in the simulation.

A pane is formed by creating an instance of an MFC dialog and adding it as the pane content. This means that you can host any dialog you like with complex logic, controls, display and input validation. You may also create panes that show graph data or any other valid dialog content. Read more

Developers 16.png Developers

SimiGon offers developers a set of powerful tools and SDK.
The developer's main activity is extending the simulation functionality by writing new Logic Object Components, Output Object Components, Console Object Components and Extensions.

Futureversion 16.png Version News

Released Versions

Aug 2022 - Hotfix Level 25 for Version 5.7
Oct 2021 - Hotfix Level 14 for Version 5.6.3

Aug 2018 - SimiGon releases version 5.7:

Aug 2018 - Hotfix Level 10 for Version 5.6.2

Archive of Previously Released Versions

Planned Future Versions
Stay tuned for future releases.  
Contentexperts 16.png Subject Matter Experts (SIMbox Toolkit)

SimiGon offers a set of powerful tools, allowing easy to use customizations.
You can create new scenarios, build virtual instructors, and create new types of entities of any kind.