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The VMU logic component handles the logic for the Visual Memory Unit (VMU).

Type: Logic Object Component
File: VMU.slc
Version: 450.1000.342.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_VMU_ALTITUDE_LIMIT  Descend below this MSL altitude and the computer will say 'Altitude Altitude'.  2500  VMU Altitude Limit  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_BINGO  Sound file name for bingo.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_BINGO_LIMIT  Bingo warning  1000  VMU Bingo Limit  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_CHAFF_LIMIT  No chaff warning  100  VMU No Chaff  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_FLARE_LIMIT  No flare warning  100  VMU No Flare  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_G_LIMIT  Over G 1st warning  9.9  VMU G Limit  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_GG_LIMIT  Over G 2nd warning  9.9  VMU Over G Limit  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_HUD  Sound file name for HUD.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_MACH_LIMIT  Over velocity (Mach) warning  1.8  0.5  VMU Mach Limit  Default  Default 
PROP_VMU_NO_CHAFF  Sound file name for no chaff.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_NO_FLARE  Sound file name for no flare.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_OVER_ALTITIUDE  Sound file name for over altitude.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_OVER_VELOCITY  Sound file name for over velocity.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_OVERG  Sound file name for over g.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_OVERG_G  Sound file name for over gg.    File System  File 
PROP_VMU_VELOCITY_LIMIT  Over velocity warning  790  450  VMU Velocity Limit  Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_VMU_BINGO_LIMIT  VMU BINGO limit  float &    BINGO limit  Default  Default 
ATT_VMU_MAX_G  VMU max G  float &    Acceleration 
ATT_VMU_MAX_MACH  VMU max Mach  float &    Speed - Mach  Default  Default 
ATT_VMU_MAX_VELOCITY  VMU max velocity [Knots]  float &    Spped - knots  Speed  Knots 
ATT_VMU_RADAR_ALTITUDE_ALERT  VMU radar altitude alert. Descend below this altitude and the computer will say 'Altitude, Altitude'.  float &      Length  Feet 

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Icon actions.png Actions

ACTION_SET_VMU_TO_WORK_ON_CONTROLLED_ENTITY_ONLY  Set VMU to work on cntrolled entity only  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_VMU_SET_BINGO_LIMIT  Set VMU BINGO limit  const float      Default  Default 
ACTION_VMU_SET_MAX_G  Set VMU max G warning  const float      Acceleration 
ACTION_VMU_SET_MAX_MACH  Set VMU max Mach warning  const float      Default  Default 
ACTION_VMU_SET_MAX_VELOCITY  Set VMU max Velocity warning  const float      Speed  Knots 
ACTION_VMU_SET_RADAR_ALTITUDE_ALERT  Sets the radar altitude alert.  const float      Length  Feet 

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Icon attributes.png Required Attributes


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