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  • ...ript files. All script files and other effect resources are located in zip files in the directory [Resource]\GraphicEngine\Yoda\Resources\Effects. a zip file and a directory with the same name, The engine will load the files in the directory instead of the ones in the zip file.
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  • The artist includes a script file with the model that contains the definitions for the model skin s ...e two points you need to address. The first is to prepare the 3d model and script file. The second is to request the graphic engine to use the model skins fe
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  • == Light effect script == The list of point light effects in the system is defined in text-script files. To add or change the point light effects these scripts need to be edited a
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  • #Create and use a new event to execute the script. ...path of the HTML you want to open (in this example we will use “C:\Program Files (x86)\SimiGon\Sitec\Resource\HTML\Test.html”).<br>e. Press the “OK” b
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  • the graphic engine which help cover those 2 principals. The first is a script based system which allows for setting the initial temperature of an object Add a script file to the directory containing the object model you wish to control. This
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  • #From the Maxscript menu, select “Run Script…” ...types. The main file type has the extension mesh. During export, two other files are also saved – one has the extensions .skeleton and the other .material
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