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Icon attributes.pngstatic void SimApi::Timer::seekToTimeByPosition(const int i_nSessionPositionInPercentage)


    Seeks to time by percentage of the total session time


    i_nSessionPositionInPercentage - The percentage of the total session time. The value can be in the range of 0-100.


Calling this function will publish a "TimeChanged" event with the new time values. The most common used of this function is in playback mode where a SIMBox Extension can "Jump" to a specific position in the scenario. Another possible use is a SIMBox extension that merges and synchronizes external information such as video with the SIMBox playback.

    Code Sample

//Assume we have an extension slider that was added to the playback Extension collection.
//We would like to have a slider in the toolbar that will set 
//the time according to the position of the slider. The slider position is percentage.

void PlaybackSliderExtension::OnSliderPositionChanged(int i_percentage)
	//seek to a new time in the session playback accroding to the percentage

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