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Icon attributes.pngstatic bool SimApi::Convertor::globalUTMToLocal(const double &utmX, const double &utmY, const double &utmZ, float &localX, float &localY, float &localZ)


    Converts global coordinates (given in UTM format) to local simulation coordinates.


    utmX - The X coordinate of UTM format
    utmY - The Y coordinate of UTM format
    utmZ - The Z coordinate of UTM format
    localX - The X coordinate of world local coordinates system
    localY - The Y coordinate of world local coordinates system
    localZ - The Z coordinate of world local coordinates system


    Type: bool   Description: True if conversion succeeded, False otherwise. The local coordinates returned in localX,localY,localZ parameters.


Simulation uses SIMBox (local) coordinate system called 'World Local' for position representation. When using SIMBox simulation API, you must convert UTM coordinates to 'WorldLocal' coordinates that are used by SIMBox simulation API. See "SIMBox Coordinates Systems" for more information.

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