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Icon attributes.pngstatic float SimApi::Convertor::getTerrainHeightGlobal(const double &lon, const double &lat)


    Gets the terrain height of a particular point.


    lon - Longitude world global coordinate (radians)
    lat - Latitude world global coordinate (radians)


    Type: float   Description: The height (in meters) of the terrain in the point


The return value is the height of the terrain loaded by the simulation in given coordinates. See "Terrain" for more information on terrains in simulation.

    Code Sample

          float HeightAboveGround(double i_Longitude, double i_Latitude, float i_Height)
	//get Terrain height
	float terrainHeight = SimApi::Convertor::getTerrainHeightGlobal(i_Longitude,i_Latitude);

	//compute height above ground
	float heightAboveGround = i_Height - terrainHeight;
	return heightAboveGround;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	// Latitude and Longitude in radians
	double lat = 0.6283; // == 36 degrees 
	double lon =  -2.0071; // == -115 degrees
	float height = 3500;

	float heightAboveGround = HeightAboveGround(lon,lat,height);
	cout<<"Height above ground: "<<heightAboveGround<<endl;
	return 0;


Height above ground: 2705.5166

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