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Icon attributes.pngstatic bool SimApi::Control::getCommandLineParameterValue(CCHAR_A *parameterName, CHAR_A *buffer, int &size)


    Gets the value of a command line parameter ANSI.


    parameterName - The name of the command line parameters for which the function will return the value.
    buffer - The value of the command line parameter.
    size - The buffer size. This integer will be initialized with the value buffer size.


    Type: bool   Description: True, if suceeded; Otherwise, false.


This function is typically used when a plugin (plg file) gets some information from the simulation command line. Example: A plugin that recieves a file path in order to export some data during a session.

    Code Sample

//This function sets new rate according to a command line parameter.      
//The addition to the command line parameters is : "/rate 4"
//SetSimulationRateFromCommandLine can be called in the init() function of an Extension SIMbox Project.            
private void SetSimulationRateFromCommandLine()
	STRING param = "rate";
        CHAR_A value[1024];
        int size = 0;

        getCommandLineParameterValue(param, value, size);
	STRING valueStr(value);
        int rate = SimUtil::StringToInt(valueStr);
	//if the rate value is in the right range
        if(rate >= 1 &amp;&amp; rate < 16)
        	//set the rate with the new command line rate.

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