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A log file is created or updated each time an activity is performed in the SIMbox application. These log files form a record of the activities and are crucial in helping to diagnose a problem that is occurring when you run the application. Send these SIMbox logs to SimiGon's Customer Relations Management (CRM) support department ( if you experience a problem with the application. A utility is installed with the SIMbox application, and is available from the Windows Menu.

To send logs to support

  1. From the Windows menu, click Start\Programs\KnowBook\Administration\Send Logs to Support
  2. The Send Logs To Support dialog appears.
    Add information to the following fields: 
    Description of Problem - Type a short description of the issue.
    Steps to Reproduce - Type the steps required to reproduce the issue.
    Attach Files - You can attach additional files to the support logs. Examples of additional files are simulation sessions, playback recordings, screen-shots and Learning Management System content.
    • Click the Add Files button to browse to files that you want to add to the support logs.
    • Click the Delete button to remove a selected file from the Attach Files field.
  3. Click OK to create the logs.
  4. A progress bar displays the collection of the various log files.
  5. A new email appears that contains your description, steps to reproduce and attachments (additional files and ZIP log files).
  6. Note: If Windows Office is not installed on the machine or if Office Outlook is not configured, a folder will open containing the zip file so you can manually send it to SimiGon support.The utility archives the log files into a ZIP file, and opens a Windows Explorer window of the folder containing the new ZIP file.
    Attach the new ZIP file to the email to send the logs to support (