Saving a Snapshot of a Simulation

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The Snapshots Manager lets you save simulation data as a snapshot for a point in time. The saved snapshot can be loaded later (see the Default Snapshot section below). All data saved in the snapshot will be restored when the snapshot is loaded.

Supported Scenario

The current snapshot infrastructure may be used with static objects and only to define the default snapshot that will be loaded on session start. Next versions will include a more complete and comprehensive capability.

System Configuration

First, you need to add the snapshot-manager extension to the running configuration. See the Using Snapshots API wiki page for information on how to create the snapshot-manager extension if you do not have one.
In the LMS, add the Snapshots extension collection to the Launch Parameters of the following configurations:

  • GO
  • Scenario Editor

Scenario Editor

Snapshots for a session can only be managed in the Scenario Editor. Create or edit the scenario in Scenario Editor. Make sure that Snapshots menu appears in the main menu.

Saving Snapshot

You can save a session snapshot in the session preview. In order to save a snapshot:

  1. Press Snapshot2.png to run session preview.
  2. Select Save Snapshot from the Snapshots menu to save the snapshot.
  3. The Save Snapshot dialog appears.

    Enter the Name and Description of the snapshot.
    Select the Set as Default check box to have this snapshot open by default when this session opens.
  4. If the snapshot saved correctly an appropriate message will be displayed.
    The following message will appear if you entered a snapshot name that already exists:
    Select Yes to override the existing snapshot or No to rename the snapshot.

Default Snapshot

A default snapshot indicates the snapshot that will be loaded automatically when session is launched (press GO in LMS) or previewed in Scenario Editor. There can be only one default snapshot selected for a session. If there is already a default snapshot selected for the session, setting a new snapshot as default will clear the previous snapshot selection. A default snapshot can be set in each one of the following operations:

  1. Saving a new snapshot
  2. Editing an existing snapshot
  3. Editing the snapshots list

Editing Snapshots

  1. Select Edit Snapshots from the Snapshots menu to edit snapshots. The Edit Snapshots dialog appears:Snapshot6.png
    The following operations are possible while editing snapshots:
    Edit the name and description of the selected snapshot
    Delete the selected snapshot
    Set the snapshot as default snapshot or Clear the snapshot from the default snapshot
  2. Select one of the snapshots in the list to enable editing.
  3. The Edit/Delete/Set as default operations are also available from the context menu opened while clicking the right-mouse button on a selected snapshot.Snapshot8.png
    Select Edit to change the name and description of the snapshot. Select Delete to delete a snapshot. Select Set as default to change setting the snapshot as default snapshot of the session. Press OK to save changes or Cancel to discard the changes.