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The SMG_PhysXMovingObject logic component is responsible for moving the object using PhysX engine.

Type: Logic Object Component
File: SMG_PhysXMovingObject.slc
Version: 450.1000.355.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_AGL_HEIGHT  Object AGL Height.    Default  Default 
PROP_HEADING  Object heading  360  Heading  Default  Default 
PROP_IS_AGL  Indicates if PROP_AGL_HEIGHT should be used.    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_FULL_PHYSICS_SIMULATE  Is only physics engine do the calculation (use for full physics vehicles)    Default  Default 
PROP_LATITUDE  Object Latitude  Latitude  Default  Default 
PROP_LONGITUDE  Object Longitude  Longitude  Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_LOADING_HEIGHT_ADDITION  The height addition when changing from low level to high level model  1000  -1000    Length  Meter 
PROP_PHYSX_OBJECT_FILE_NAME  The PhysX configuration file describing the object    File System  File 
PROP_XPOSITION  Object X Position    Default  Default 
PROP_YPOSITION  Object Y Position    Default  Default 
PROP_ZPOSITION  Object Z Position    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_IS_TO_LOAD_BY_ACTION_ONLY  Is to load only from the specific action    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_LINEAR_DAMPING  The linear damping  10    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_ANGULAR_DAMPING  The angular damping  10    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_IS_TO_LOAD_AT_TERRAIN_NORMAL  Is to attach the object to the ground according to the terrain normal    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_INITIAL_DENSITY_FACTOR  A factor to multiply the object density in   10000    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_CREATION_ORDER  The order of object creation. Enables to pile objects one on top of another. Set -1 to ignore.  50  -1    Default  Default 
PROP_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_IS_EFFECTED_BY_WIND  Is the object effected by the wind    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_ABS_VELOCITY  Absolute velocity  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_ANG_VELOCITY  ATT_ANG_VELOCITY  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_BODY_ACCELERATION  The acceleration in body coordinates  LinearVec &      Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
ATT_BODY_VELOCITY  The velocity in body coordinates  LinearVec &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_IS_IN_MOTION  Is in motion? Boolean answer.  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_MOTION_MODEL_UNIT  Is this SLC a part of the object's motion model  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_LATITUDE  Entity Latitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_LIN_ACCELERATION  The acceleration in world coordinates  LinearVec &      Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
ATT_LIN_VELOCITY  The velocity in world coordinates  LinearVec &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_LOCATION  Location (x,y,z,pitch,roll,yaw)  Location &      Coordinate System  Local 
ATT_LONGITUDE  Entity Longitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_ORIENTATION  Orientation (pitch,roll,yaw)  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_DEBUG_VECTOR  Debug  const int  float &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_DELTA_TIME  Dt  float &      Time  Seconds 
ATT_PHYSX_IS_SLEEPING  Is the main actor sleeping  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_MAIN_ACTOR_DENSITY  The main actor density  float &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_IS_ACTIVE  Is the high level model active  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_MAIN_ACTOR_NAME  The main actor name  string &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_MAX_SUBPART_IDX_TO_UPDATE  The maximal subpart index to update  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_NUMBER_OF_ACTORS  The number of physics actors in the object  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYSX_OBJECT_MASS  The object mass  float &      Mass  KG 
ATT_PHYSX_SUBPARTS_ANGULAR_VELOCITY  The subpart angular velocity  const int  LinearVec &    Angular Velocity  Radian Per Second 
ATT_POSITION  Position (x,y,z)  LinearVec &      Coordinate System  Local 
ATT_SMG_PHYSICS_IS_COLLIDABLE  Tells if the object is collidable in the physics engine space  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_SMG_SUBPART_LOCATION  The subparts location  const int  Location &    Default  Default 
ATT_SMG_SUBPART_NAME  The physical subpart names  const int  string &    Default  Default 
ATT_TRUE_HEADING  The velocity vector direction  float &      Angle  Degree 

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Icon actions.png Actions

ACTION_COLLIDABLE_MOVING_OBJECT_SET_ACTIVE  Activate / Deactivate the physical object  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_JUMP  Jump        Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVE_CG_LOCAL  Move the object center of gravity in local axis  const LinearVec &      Length  Meter 
ACTION_PHYSX_MULTIPLY_INERTIA_TENSOR  Multiply the inertia tensor by the specified factors  const LinearVec &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_6D_JOINT_POSITION  Sets the required position to the 6Dof joint with a specific name   const string &  const LinearVec &    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_6D_JOINT_Z_ROTATION  Sets the required rotation along the Z axis to the 6Dof joint with a specific name   const string &  const float    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_HINGE_REQUIRED_ANGLE  Sets the required angle to the specific joint  const string &  const float    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_HINGE_REQUIRED_SPEED  Sets the required rotation speed to the specific joint  const string &  const float    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_JOINT_REQUIRED_ANGULAR_VELOCITY  Sets the required twist angular velocity of the joint   const string &  const LinearVec &    Angular Velocity  Radian Per Second 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_JOINT_TWIST_MAX_FORCE  Sets the maximal twist force of the specified joint  const string &  const float    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_LOAD_IN_LOCATION  Loads the object in specific location  const Location &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_MAX_SUBPART_IDX_TO_UPDATE  Sets the maximal subpart index to update  const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_MAIN_ACTOR_SHAPE_GROUP  Sets the shape no. at 1st param to be the group in the second param  const int  const int    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_SPEED_AT_LOADING  Sets the required linear and angular speed when the loading action is called  const Location &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_LINEAR_DAMPING  Sets the linear damping to all of the object actors  const float      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_ADD_JOINT  Add a joint that was not created when the physics object was loaded  const string &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_SET_BASE_LOCATION  Sets the base actor location. To use for high level passive mode  const Location &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_SET_BASE_ANGLES  Sets the base required pitch and roll angles. The Yaw is set by the path follower.   const AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_SET_BASE_NORMAL  hsfh  const LinearVec &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_SET_GROUP  Sets the object collision group  const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_MOVING_OBJECT_SET_DENSITY_FACTOR  Multiply all actors original density  const float      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_SET_IS_KINEMATIC  Set is kinematic  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYSX_ZERO_6D_JOINT_Z_ROTATION_FORCE  Sets the maximal force available to swing rotation to 0  const string &      Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Required Attributes


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Icon actions.png Required Actions


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