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A simple vehicle model. Used for uncontrolled objects.

Type: Logic Object Component
File: SMG_PathFollower.slc
Version: 450.1000.355.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_AGL_HEIGHT  Object AGL Height.    Default  Default 
PROP_HEADING  Object heading  360    Default  Default 
PROP_INITIAL_SPEED_KPH  The initial forward speed  Initial Speed [Km/Hr]  Speed  Kilometer Per Hour 
PROP_IS_AGL  Indicates if PROP_AGL_HEIGHT should be used.    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_TO_GO_ON_LINES  Is to correct to the lines between waypoints    Default  Default 
PROP_LATITUDE  Object Latitude    Default  Default 
PROP_LONGITUDE  Object Longitude    Default  Default 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_DEFAULT_DECELERATION  The used vehicle deceleration [m / s / s]    Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_FORMATION_IS_TO_KEEP_TIME_BEHIND  When in convoy, is to keep time behind previous member (if not - keeping distance)    Default  Default 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_HEIGHT_CORRECTION  Adds a constant height to the object  100  -100    Length  Meter 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_IS_TO_ATTACH_TO_TERRAIN_NORMAL  Is to set the object to the terrain normal    Default  Default 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_MAX_SPEED_KPH  The vehicle maximum speed  180    Speed  Kilometer Per Hour 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_MINIMUM_TURN_RADIUS  The minimal turn radius for the vehicle [m]  1000  0.1    Length  Meter 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_ROUTE_TRAVEL_MODE  The initail route traveling mode (0 - single time, 1 - cyclic, 2 - forward-back)  Travel Mode  Default  Default 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_SPEED_POINT_KPH  Speed point to indicate 0 to that speed accelration time  150    Speed  Kilometer Per Hour 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_TIME_ZERO_TO_SPEED_POINT  The time to accelerate from 0 to the speed point [sec]  1000    Time  Seconds 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_TURN_SIDE_ACCELERATION  The side acceleration in turns    Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_UPDATE_DT  The minimum update interval. Set negative value to ignore (update every frame) [secs]  10  -1000    Time  Seconds 
PROP_PATH_FOLLOWER_VEHICLE_LENGTH  The vehicle length. Required to keep correct distance from previous member and for truning the steering wheels.  1000    Length  Meter 
PROP_XPOSITION  Object X Position    Default  Default 
PROP_YPOSITION  Object Y Position    Default  Default 
PROP_ZPOSITION  Object Z Position    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_ABS_VELOCITY  Absolute velocity  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_ANG_VELOCITY  ATT_ANG_VELOCITY  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_BODY_ACCELERATION  the acceleration in body coordinates  LinearVec &      Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
ATT_BODY_VELOCITY  the velocity in body coordinates  LinearVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_FRONT_WHEELS_STEER_ANGLE  The front wheel steer angle [deg]  float &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_IN_MOTION  Is in motion? Boolean answer.  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_PATH_MOTION_MODEL_EXISTS  Indicates that a path following motion model exists   bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_LATITUDE  Entity Latitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_LIN_ACCELERATION  the acceleration in world coordinates  LinearVec &      Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
ATT_LIN_VELOCITY  the velocity in world coordinates  LinearVec &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_LOCATION  Location (x,y,z,pitch,roll,yaw)  Location &      Coordinate System  Local 
ATT_LONGITUDE  Entity Longitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_ORIENTATION  Orientation (pitch,roll,yaw)  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_ASPECT_TO_NEXT_WAYPOINT  The aspect angle to the next waypoint  float &      Angle  Degree 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_CURRENT_STATE  The current state - (0 - between points, 1 - slowing down before turn, 2 - turning to point)  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_DISTANCE_TO_CURRENT_LEG  The navigation error to the current leg line [m]   float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_GROUND_DISTANCE_PASSED_FROM_PREV_WAYPOINT  The ground distance passed from the previous waypoint [m]  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_IS_ACTIVE  Is the SLC active  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_IS_FINISHED_PATH  Is reached the end of the route  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_IS_REVERSED_PASS  Is following the route in reverse order  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_IS_SLEEPING  Is sleeping (No update mode)  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_LEFT_OF_PATH_OFFSET  offset of the path. Positive for left offset. [m]  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_NEXT_WAYPOINT_INDEX  The next waypoint index  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_NEXT_WAYPOINT_REACHING_SPEED  The next waypoint reaching speed  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_NEXT_WAYPOINT_TURN_RADIUS  The turn radius for the next waypoint [m]  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_NEXT_WAYPOINT_TURN_SPEED  The turn speed for the next waypoint [m/sec]  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_ON_PATH_CLOSURE_SPEED_TO_PREVIOUS_FORMATION_MEMBER  The on path closure speed to the previous formation member [m]  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_ON_PATH_DISTANCE_BEHIND_PREVIOUS_FORMATION_MEMBER  The on path ground distance behind the previous formation member [m]  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_RANGE_TO_NEXT_WAYPOINT  The range to the next waypoint [m]  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_REQUIRED_DISTANCE_BEHIND_PREV_MEMBER  The distance to keep behind the previous formation member  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_REQUIRED_LEFT_OF_PATH_OFFSET  The required left offset from the path (Negative - right offset)   float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_REQUIRED_SPEED  The required traveling speed  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_PATH_FOLLOWER_ROUTE_TRAVEL_MODE  The route travel mode (0 - single time, 1 - cyclic, 2 - forward-back)  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_POSITION  Position (x,y,z)  LinearVec &      Coordinate System  Local 
ATT_TRUE_HEADING  The velocity vector direction  float &      Angle  Degree 

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Icon actions.png Actions

ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_RESTORE_ROUTE_SPEED  Sets the speed to the next waypoint speed        Default  Default 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_ACTIVE  Activate / dactivate the path follower  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_IS_TO_KEEP_TIME_BEHIND  Is to keep formation time behind (if not - keeping distance)  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_LEFT_OF_PATH_OFFSET  Sets a constant offset of the path. Positive for left offset.  const float      Length  Meter 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_NEXT_WEYPOINT_INDEX  Sets the next waypoint index  const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_ROUTE_TRAVEL_MODE  Sets the route travel mode (0 - single time, 1 - cyclic, 2 - forward-back)  const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_SPEED  Sets the required speed   const float      Speed  Meter Per Second 
INPUT_SMG_OFFSET_0  INPUT_SMG_OFFSET_0  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_SMG_OFFSET_10M_LEFT  INPUT_SMG_OFFSET_10M_LEFT  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_SMG_OFFSET_10M_RIGHT  INPUT_SMG_OFFSET_10M_RIGHT  const int  const int    Default  Default 
ACTION_PATH_FOLLOWER_SET_LOCATION_AND_SPEED  Sets the location and the speed  const Location &  const LinearVec &    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Required Attributes


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