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The SMG_ExternalPhysicsDisplay output component handles the physics display for object movement.

Type: Output Object Component
File: SMG_ExternalPhysicsDisplay.slc
Version: 450.1000.342.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_IS_ENTITY_TO_RECORD  Should the entity be recorded    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_HIGH_LEVEL_DR_EXIST  Indicates that a high level DR LOC exists. Used by the ground motion manager.    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_ABS_VELOCITY  Entity Absolute Velocity  float &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_ANG_ACCELERATION  Entity angular Acceleration vector  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_ANG_VELOCITY  Entity angular Velocity vector  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_HEADING_TRUE  In world [0°-360°]  float &      Angle  Degree 
ATT_HEIGHT_ABOVE_GROUND  Returns the height above ground [m]   float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_IS_ENTITY_TO_RECORD  Should the entity be recorded?  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_ON_GROUND  Is the entity on ground?  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_LATITUDE  Entity Latitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_LIN_ACCELERATION  Entity linear Acceleration vector  LinearVec &      Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
ATT_LIN_VELOCITY  Entity Linear Velocity Vector (Vx,Vy,Vz)  LinearVec &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_LOCATION  Entity 6-DOF(Vx,Vy,Vz,pitch,roll,yaw)  Location &      Default  Default 
ATT_LONGITUDE  Entity Longitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_ORIENTATION  Entity orientation (pitch,roll,yaw)  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_LOCATION_STRING  Group of the object location in a single string  const int  string &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_MAX_SUBPART_IDX_TO_UPDATE  The maximal subpart index to update  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_PART_LOCATION  The subpart locations vector  const int  Location &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_PART_LONG_LAT_H  The global coordinates of the subparts  const int  LinearVec &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_PART_NAME  The subpart names used by the physics engine  const int  string &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_PART_ORIENTATION  The part orientation  const int  AngularVec &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_PART_Z_PCT  The part z position in percent  const int  float &    Default  Default 
ATT_PHYS_DISPLAY_UPDATE_LOCATION_DT  delta time  float &      Default  Default 
ATT_POSITION  Entity position (x,y,z)  LinearVec &      Length  Meter 

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Icon actions.png Actions

Name Description Param1 Param2 DisplayName UnitType UnitName
ACTION_PHYS_DISPLAY_SET_LOCATION  Sets the object location  const Location &      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYS_DISPLAY_SET_LOCATION_STRING  Sets the location string as if it got from attribute change  const int  const string &    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYS_DISPLAY_SET_PART_LOCATION  Sets the part location  const int  const Location &    Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYS_DISPLAY_SET_MAX_SUBPART_INDEX_TO_PUBLISH  Sets the maximal subpart index to publish external data   const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_PHYS_DISPLAY_ADD_LINKED_ENTITY_ID  adding entity ID which have to be updated simultaneously with this object  const int      Entity Identifier  Entity ID 

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Icon attributes.png Required Attributes


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Icon actions.png Required Actions


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