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The SMG_EntityId output component is responsible for identifying an object.

Type: Output Object Component
File: SMG_EntityId.slc
Version: 450.1000.342.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_ADDABLE_SLC_TYPES  A list of SLCs types that the user can add to the object (seperated by semicolon) (System.Logic;)    Default  Default 
PROP_BASE_OBJECT_VI  Base object vi    Default  Default 
PROP_DESIGN_TIME_BASE_OBJECT  The name of the design time entity object to reflect the current object    Base Object Identifier  Base Object Name 
PROP_IS_AIRCRAFT  Is aircraft?    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_COLLIDABLE  Can the object collide with the ground or other entities    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_GROUND  Is ground object?    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_SCENE_ENTITY  Detect if this entity is a scene    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_SEA  Is sea?    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_STATIC  Is static object?    Default  Default 
PROP_IS_VEHICLE  Is vehicle object?    Default  Default 
PROP_LOAD_BASE_OBJECT_VI  Load Base-object VI in addition to entity VI    Default  Default 
PROP_OBJECT_CATEGORY_NAME  For backward compatibility    Default  Default 
PROP_PARENT_ENTITY_NAME  Parent entity name    Entity Identifier  Entity Name 
PROP_PRIMARY_TARGET_NAME  Primary target name  Primary Target  Entity Identifier  Entity Name 
PROP_VI_NAME  VI name    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_IS_AIRCRAFT  Is Entity aircraft?  bool &    Is an Aircraft?  Default  Default 
ATT_IS_COLLIDE  Is entity collide?  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_GROUND_OBJECT  Is Entity Ground object?  bool &    Ground Object?  Default  Default 
ATT_IS_SCENE_ENTITY  Is the entity a scene window object?  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_SEA_OBJECT  Is Entity sea object?  bool &    Sea Object?  Default  Default 
ATT_IS_STATIC_OBJECT  Is Entity static object?  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_OBJECT_CATEGORY_NAME  For backward compatibility  string &      Default  Default 
ATT_PRIMARY_TARGET_ID  The entity's primary target ID as was set in the Scenario Builder  int &      Entity Identifier  Entity ID 
ATT_PRIMARY_TARGET_NAME  The entity's primary target name as was set in the Scenario Builder  string &    Primary Target name  Entity Identifier  Entity Name 
ATT_TYPE_DISPLAY_NAME  Entity type display name  string &      Default  Default 
ATT_TYPE_NAME  Entity type name  string &      Default  Default 
ATT_UNIQUE_ID  Entity uniqueness ID. Each entity is identified by a number by the simulation. This is how you recognize the entity.  int &    Entity ID  Entity Identifier  Entity ID 
ATT_UNIQUE_NAME  Entity uniqueness name.  string &    Entity Name  Entity Identifier  Entity Name 
ATT_VI_NAME  The relevant Virtual Instructor (VI) brains that are attached to this entity.  string &    VI name  Default  Default 

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Icon actions.png Actions

ACTION_SET_PARENT_ID  Set parent entity id  const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_SET_PRIMARY_TARGET  Sets the primary target  const int      Entity Identifier  Entity Name 
ACTION_SET_TSD_APPEARANCE  Set if appear in TSD (bool)  const bool      Default  Default 

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