Resetting Server Database

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Before performing a server DB reset, you will want to back up all the clients' data because you will need to reset all the clients. When a client is reset, all the local content (the items data / history / users and associated files) is deleted. To back up the server:

  1. Stop the SQL server using Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager. Right click on all the services and stop.
  2. Back up the folder of the server items in <Install folder>\Application\Data\

After you have backed up any desired data, follow the procedure below for a server DB reset:

  1. Open the Configure Server Website at http://<servername>/KnowBook/Configuration
  2. Choose “Install or Upgrade Server Database”
  3. Enter the username and password of the SQL sysadmin and click on Next
  4. Keep the path of the data files as default and click on Next
  5. Click on ‘Install New Database’
  6. Click on ‘Remove Databases’ and when ‘Next’ is enabled again click in ‘Next’
  7. If there are no errors or warnings in the table the click on ‘Next’
  8. Wait for the process to end. When it's finished, the server DB is clean.
  9. Run the ResetClient tool (<Install folder>\Application\Components\KB.V.\ResetClient.exe) on the server and on all the clients that used to connect to this server.
  10. On the server machine run the Content Importer (<Install folder>\Content Importer\setup.exe)