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This page will explain how to add a recorded maneuver in an agent for lesson content and scenario design. There is, however, another Wiki page explaining how to record motion-model attributes and setting those parameters in SIMbox Toolkit (See Record Maneuver).

1. Create a new session with a controlled Cessna. Right click in the Knowledge Center white space > New > Session. Once in Scenario Editor, right click on the map > New > Cessna. (It doesn’t matter where you place the Cessna)


2. Create a new agent for the Cessna. Right click in the white space under the Agents Tab > New > Virtual Instructor.


By default, your Cessna should be at an altitude of 10,000 feet which is great for recording some in flight maneuvers.

3. First, we need to be in Preview mode in order to record a specific maneuver. Uncheck the Active Agent button in the Agent Editor toolbar.


4. Next, click the Preview button in the Scenario Editor toolbar.


5. When in Preview mode, think about what type of maneuver you want to record. For this purpose of this tutorial, let’s turn the aircraft a full 180 degrees. The maneuver can be performed manually or an action can be called to turn the aircraft. Let’s outline both ways.

Manual Maneuver

6. Right before the execution of the maneuver click the Record Maneuver button in Agent Editor toolbar. (Also notice that more icons are available once the scenario is in Preview mode – compared to the screenshot in Step 3.)


7. Once you click the Record Maneuver button, a little ghost image of the icon will flash in the upper left corner of the screen. Now you can perform the manual maneuver.


8. Once you have executed the maneuver click the Record Maneuver button again to stop the recording. As soon as you do this, a Play Maneuver event will appear in the agent.


9. When the event is tested the aircraft will perform the turn exactly how it was executed manually during the recording. Right click on the event > Test.

Autopilot Maneuver

10. Create a new step.

11. Call the action to turn autopilot on. Right click Instructions > Advanced > Call Action. Search for “ap” and check the Show hidden tokens box. Select ACTION_AP_SET_ON and click Add.


Change the Value to 1.


12. Call the action for the autopilot to set a heading of 180 and to engage in a heading hold. ACTION_AP_SET_HDG and ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_HDG_HOLD.



13. You can either add a 30 second time out to allow the autopilot to complete the maneuver or you can manually end the recording when the aircraft has turned 180 degrees. Here we will manually record the maneuver.

Your agent should look something like this:


14. To record the maneuver, right click on Step 2 > Test. Immediately click the Record Maneuver Button. When the aircraft has reached the designated heading, click on the Record Maneuver button again to stop the recording.


The Play Maneuver event will appear after the actions.

(Note that this event can be moved anywhere within the agent and the maneuver will play when the agent reads that line. The Play Maneuver event can also be copied and pasted or added to a cyclic step so the maneuver is repeated over and over again.)

It should be noted that recording a maneuver does have its pitfalls. For instance, the yoke in the Cessna does not move when the recording is played back (unless this parameter is set to record; See also Record Maneuver).


This can be bypassed if the Play Maneuver is set to playback in a Chase View window. This way, the trainee won’t be able to see the Cockpit view. It just depends on the lesson’s goals and objectives.

To Play Maneuver in a New Window

15. Create a new step.

16. Open a new window. Right click on Instructions > Instructional Aids > Windows Management.

17. From the Action drop down menu select New window. Name the window “Turn”. Uncheck the Automatic box and Check the Percentage box. Enter 100 in both the Height and Width % boxes. Select Chase View from the Window Type drop down menu and Cessna from the Prim. Entity drop down menu.


18. Drag the Play Maneuver event from Step 2 underneath the new window Turn.



19. Add a 30 second timeout underneath the Play Maneuver event. Right click the event > Timeout > change Duration to 30.

20. After this timeout close the window “Turn”. Right click on the 30 second timeout > Instructional Aids > Windows Management. Select Close named window from the Action drop down menu and type “Turn” into the Window Name box. Click OK.


Test Step 3 to see that the agent is working properly. You can toggle the camera movement in the new window by using the arrow keys on the number pad.


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