PowerPoint During Session

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The following steps show how to make a PowerPoint pop up during a session using an Agent.

1. Locate the scenario in the KnowBook LMS you want to add your PowerPoint to.


2. Locate your PowerPoint and drag and drop it into the LMS.


You will see the preview of the PowerPoint in the LMS.


3. In the scenario, add or select an entity to and open up the Agent Editor. To add an entity right click on the map > New > select the entity you want. In this case let’s select a Cessna. Click to highlight the Cessna and in the Entity Settings window click on the Agents tab. Right click in the white space > New > Virtual Instructor.

4. Right click on Instructions > Instructional Aids > Windows Management.


5. Rename the window to PowerPoint. You can edit the window settings further but for now we will keep the default settings.

6. From the Window Type drop down menu select the option for LMS View. You will notice that the Item box becomes active. Click the Select button next to the blank text box.

7. Locate the PowerPoint that you loaded into the KnowBook LMS, select it and click OK. When you are finished editing the window’s settings, click OK.

Your Windows Management screen should look something like this:


Your agent should look something like this:


When you preview the agent, the PowerPoint presentation should open.


The trainee should be able to click on the different slides or click Slide Show (if slides are timed or animations are present).