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The PathMotion logic component handles how the entity moves along a path.

Type: Logic Object Component
File: PathMotion.slc
Version: 450.1000.342.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_ABS_VELOCITY_INIT  Aircraft start velocity  Initial Velocity  Default  Default 
PROP_AGL_HEIGHT  Object AGL Height.  AGL Height  Default  Default 
PROP_HEADING  Object heading  360  Heading  Default  Default 
PROP_IS_AGL  Indicates if AGL height should be used.  Use AGL height  Default  Default 
PROP_LATITUDE  Object Latitude  Latitude  Default  Default 
PROP_LONGITUDE  Object Longitude  Longitude  Default  Default 
PROP_MIN_HEIGHT_AGL  Min height above ground level in meters  9999999  Min AGL height  Default  Default 
PROP_PATH_MOTION_TRAVEL_MODE  Path travel mode  Motion (navigation) Mode  Default  Default 
PROP_PATHMOTION_INITIAL_WAYPOINT_NUM  The waypoint to which the entity should start    Default  Default 
PROP_PATHMOTION_IS_INITIAL_DIRECTION_FORWARD  The tells if the entity should go forward through the waypoint or backwards    Default  Default 
PROP_PATHMOTION_SLOW_DOWN_AT_LAST_WP  If the entity should start slowing down at its last waypoint so it will better stop at the right place    Default  Default 
PROP_PATHMOTION_WHEEL_ROTATION_AXIS  Which angle of rotation vehicle wheels should use - (ROLL, PITCH, or YAW)    Default  Default 
PROP_PATHMOTION_WP_TURN_DIST_MULTIPLE  This number is multiplied by the current speed in meters per sec to determine the distance to change to next wp  9999.9  0.0001    Default  Default 
PROP_TURN_RATE_MULT  Factor for the turn rate    Default  Default 
PROP_TURRET_TURN_SPEED  Angular velocity of the turn rate of the turret (degrees per second)  360  Turret Turn Pace  Default  Default 
PROP_XPOSITION  Object X Position    Default  Default 
PROP_YPOSITION  Object Y Position    Default  Default 
PROP_ZPOSITION  Object Z Position  Altitude  Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_ABS_VELOCITY  Entity Absolute Velocity  float &      Default  Default 
ATT_ANG_ACCELERATION  Entity angular Acceleration vector  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_ANG_VELOCITY  Entity angular Velocity vector  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_DISTANCE_TO_LEFT_CURVE  Distance to road left curve  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_DISTANCE_TO_RIGHT_CURVE  Distance to road right curve  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_HEADING_TRUE  Returns true heading (degrees)  float &    Heading (ture)  Angle  Degree 
ATT_HEIGHT  Entity height [m]  float &    MSL (m)  Length  Meter 
ATT_HEIGHT_ABOVE_GROUND  Returns the height above ground [m]   float &    AGL (m)  Length  Meter 
ATT_IS_IN_MOTION  returns if the entity is in motion  bool &    Entity in motion?  Default  Default 
ATT_IS_ON_ROAD  Detect if entity is on road  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_LATITUDE  Entity Latitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_LIN_ACCELERATION  Entity linear Acceleration vector  LinearVec &      Acceleration  Meter Per Second Squared 
ATT_LIN_VELOCITY  Entity Linear Velocity Vector (Vx,Vy,Vz)  LinearVec &      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ATT_LOCATION  Get slave location  Location &      Coordinate System  Local 
ATT_LONGITUDE  Entity Longitude [rad]  double &      Angle  Radian 
ATT_ORIENTATION  Get slave Orientation  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_PATHMOTION_DISTANCE_FROM_CURRENT_WP  Distance (in meters) from current waypoint  float &      Length  Meter 
ATT_POSITION  Get slave Position  LinearVec &      Coordinate System  Local 
ATT_ROTATE_FORWARD_TARGET_ID  The ID of the target which the entity rotate forward (-1 if none)  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_TURRET_HORIZONTAL_SUBPART_ORIENTATION  Orientation of horizontal turret subpart  AngularVec &      Default  Default 
ATT_TURRET_VERTICAL_SUBPART_ORIENTATION  Orientation of vertical turret subpart  AngularVec &      Default  Default 

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Icon actions.png Actions

ACTION_SET_PAUSE  Toggle pause/play motion  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_SET_SPEED  Set motion speed [m/s]  const float      Speed  Meter Per Second 
ACTION_START_ROTATE_TO_TARGET  Start rotate the object forward to the target ID  const int      Default  Default 
ACTION_START_ROTATE_TO_TARGET_BY_ENTITY_NAME  Start rotate the object forward to the target using entity name  const string &      Default  Default 
ACTION_STOP_ROTATE_TO_TARGET  Stop rotate the object forward to target        Default  Default 
ACTION_UPDATE_WAYPOINTS  Called to update waypoints from navigator        Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Required Attributes


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Icon actions.png Required Actions


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