Logging LMS actions from a lesson

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To troubleshoot a problem related to the interactions between a lesson and the LMS reports, select the option to log all LMS actions that are being executed by a lesson:

1. Go to Start -> KnowBook -> Settings -> KnowBook Settings

2. Set a value of -1 for LoggingLevel


3. After running the package in the LMS, a log file (containing all the package actions to the LMS) will be created in the following folder:

[KnowBook Installation Folder]\Application\Logs

A file in the form of LMSDotNet[daymonthyear]_KnowBook.log will be created.

4. Open an MS Excel and go to Data ->From Text


5. Select All Files:


6. Select the file with today's date and click Import:


7. Select Delimited and click Next:


8. Select Comma and click Finish:


You will receive a detailed report on all actions the lesson performed in the LMS including behind-the-scenes errors (if there were any of these errors).

The following procedure is recommended when debugging the lesson actions from the LMS.

1. Close KnowBook.

2. Delete the logging files.

3. Open KnowBook. Perform the first scenario and close KnowBook.

4. Import the logging file to MS Excel and save it.

5. Perform the next scenarios by repeating steps 1 to 4 for each scenario.

As a result you will have Excel reports for the different scenarios of the same lesson with all the LMS actions.

This can help troubleshooting the problem and clarify what is going wrong on the lesson reports.

--Orenf 13:10, 2 October 2013 (UTC)