Information to provide SimiGon when opening a Support ticket

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When reporting a problem to SimiGon Support it is best to provide as much information as possible. That way SimiGon will be able to reply promptly with the most suitable answer.

Generally, SimiGon would like to receive the following information:

1. The importance/urgency of the issue.

2. A step-by-step scenario of the problem.

3. A complete set of the log files (Start -> Programs -> KnowBook -> Administration -> Send Logs to Support).

4. A clear screenshot of the error message if there is any. A screenshot of the KnowBook Admin if this is a license problem. A video capture (if possible) may be helpful.

5. Which version, hotfix, content is installed? What is the installation history (upgrades, uninstalls, reinstalls)?

6. Can the issue be reproducible or does it happened only once? Does it happen on more than one machine? Did it work properly before and suddenly started to occur? If so, what changes occurred on the machine that might have caused it?

7. What is the configuration? There can be various leading questions depending on the problem. For instance –

  • Does it happen only with your content, or only with SimiGon base content or with both?
  • For DMT - how many participants? If it is a connection problem, run the DMT connection test utility. If an attribute is not being passed – checked that it was marked to be passed in DMT in the SIMbox Toolkit.
  • For Multiscreen - How many screens? How many windows? What is their layout?
  • Performance issues – Disable the effects and see if it helps. Disable the shadows and see if it helps. What is the Frame Rate using your content in comparison to SimiGon’s base content, with your terrain in comparison to SimiGon’s terrain, with fewer entities in comparison to more entities, etc.
  • Information about the Session - how many entities, their types, their behavior? Which extension collections are involved?
  • For Terrain problems - what is the terrain type, resolution? Is it your terrain or SimiGon's? Was it optimized through the Terrain Optimization Tool?
  • For LMS problems – Is it a client-server configuration? Webaccess? Is it related to specific users/permissions? Are you working with Active Directory? Did you set domains in the LMS?
  • Licenses problem – Was there any hardware changes on the machine? Is the computer’s clock set to the correct date and time? Did you manually delete any files or folders?

8. Can we get your content?

  • For simulation - can we get the content and session?
  • For LMS – can we get the problematic packages?
  • For terrain – can we get a terrain sample that demonstrates the problem?

Providing SimiGon Support with the proper and complete information at the initial reporting of the problem can save time for both sides and assure you will get a faster, suitable reply.

--Orenf 14:21, 19 February 2014 (UTC)