Hotfix Level 14 for Version 5.7

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Hotfix Level 14 for Version 5.7

SimiGon announces the release of Hotfix level 14 for version 5.7. SimiGon releases product updates from time to time in an effort to continue to provide added value to our loyal customers. Our partners and customers are able to receive these updates between version releases and enjoy new capabilities and improved product performance before the large version release. With this release our goal is to improve the quality of service we provide in order to better support our partners and customers. Active maintenance customers will be able to receive this product update from SimiGon support.

New Features and Issues Resolved

Agent Editor

  • Fixed an issue with low quality voice recordings being cut while playing as VI guidance
  • Fixed an issue with VI Focal Point deformation when using windows scaling other than 100%
  • Improved some in-agent Drag and Drop operations
  • Fixed a FPS drop while running the simulation preview with the Agent editor visible


  • Fixed a crash caused by comments in the Malfunctions Control Panel XML configuration file
  • Improved the simulation loading time


  • Fixed an issue with importing SCORM packages containing '%' in file names
  • Fixed an issue with specific application folders configuration

Graphic Engine

  • Added new API for projection, with inherent Parallax/Stereoscopic behavior for VR goggles -
    • Agi::AttachPosToProjectionPoint(HAGI hAgi, agiVec3 vPos)
    • Agi::AttachPosToProjectionPoint(HAGI hAgi, agiVec3_D vPos)
    • Agi::AttachPosToProjectionPointOfSubpart(HAGI hAgi, UINT nID, LPARAM hPart)
    • Agi::DetachPosFromProjectionPoint(HAGI hAgi)
  • Added new API for finding a point in 3D based on a cockpit location, distance and a local XY point on a 2D surface (e.g., HUD)
    • Agi::GetProjectedPointByConsolePointAndAgiXY(UINT nCameraId, agiVec3 vConsolePos, HAGI hAgi, float nX, float nY, float nDistance, agiVec3 vResultWorldPos)
    • Agi::GetProjectedPointByConsolePointAndAgiXY_D(UINT nCameraId, agiVec3_D vConsolePos, HAGI hAgi, float nX, float nY, double nDistance, agiVec3_D vResultWorldPos)


This Hotfix includes the following hotfixes:

Contact to obtain this hotfix update for SIMbox version 5.7.