Hotfix 90696

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New Features and Resolved Issues in Hotfix 90696 (for SIMbox Version 5.5.1)

New Capability

  • Simulation
    • Added capability to "mark events" using simulation events

Resolved Issue

  • LMS
    • Extended the sync process timeout for the 'Server Sync' process
  • Simulation
    • Playback slide-bar now displays the correct time of day, even if it was changed during the record
    • Playback Control panel - the events are now refreshing correctly
    • Instructor was unable to set controlled entity to follow a route using the 'Auto-Pilot' panel
    • "User Event" is no longer added to the Events table description by default if there is no description or class name in the "MarkPlaybackEvent"
    • API functions returning 'time of Day' are now returning correct values


Hotfix 90696 includes the following hotfixes:

Note: Contact  to obtain this hotfix update for SIMbox version 5.5.1.