Courseware Debugging Tool

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This page provides directions on how to use the courseware debugging tools to look at communication coming from (or not) the lessons.

1. Open the following file using a Notepad

[KnowBook installation folder]\Application\Components\KB.V.\knowbook.exe.config

2. Add the the parameter EnableRuntimeDataViewer to the KnowBookSettings element as follows:

<KnowBookSettings … EnableRuntimeDataViewer="true" … />

3. Save the file and close it. You will have the EnableRuntimeDataViewer option in the KnowBook Settings tool.

4. Open KnowBook Settings.


5. Set EnableRuntimeDataViewer to be checked.


6. When running the courseware press F12 and the debugging runtime tool will open. Every time you want to refresh the data in the debugging tool, click Refresh.


7. Now you can see if a certain attempt was completed during a lesson: