Connecting the KnowBook Client to different remote KnowBook Server

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Connecting KnowBook Client to a different remote KnowBook Server

1. Make sure KnowBook Client and KnowBook Server have the same version and HotFix installed.

2. Log-in to KnowBook Client.

3. Go to “Tools” -> “Options”:

22.7.20 1.png

4. Change the Server Name to the desired one:

22.7.20 2.png

and click “Check Server Availability”. A dialog should pop-up to indicate a successful connection:

22.7.20 3.png

5. Click “Apply”:

22.7.20 4.png

6. Click “OK” and “OK” to close all the dialog boxes.

7. Exit the KnowBook Client application.

8. Run the Reset Client Tool -

1) Right-click on the KnowBook shortcut icon on the desktop and choose “Open file location”.

22.7.20 5.png

2) In the Files Browser find the “ResetClient” application. Right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator”.

22.7.20 6.png

4) The following dialog box will show up:

22.7.20 7.png

5) Click “Yes”.

The KnowBook Client database will be reset.

9. In the opened dialog box enter the user name and the password to log-in to KnowBook.

To make sure KnowBook Client is now indeed connected to the new Server:

10. Go to “Tools” -> “Options”:

22.7.20 8.png

11. Make sure the “Server Name” has been changed to the requested one:

22.7.20 9.png

12. Open the KnowBook Settings Configuration Editor (if it was already opened, close it and reopen) and make sure the “Server Name” is set to the new Server:

22.7.20 10.png