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Auto pilot for the aircraft flight model (subsonic aircraft motion).

Type: Logic Object Component
File: AutoPilot.slc
Version: 450.1000.355.1

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Icon properties.png Properties

PROP_AP_ALT_HOLD_K1  The linear gain of the AP alt hold loop  100    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_ALT_HOLD_K2  The velocity gain of the AP alt hold loop  100    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_ALTITUDE_TOL  The alt keep tolerance [ft]  10000  10    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_DFLT_VVI  The default vvi for climb / descent  20000    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_DHDG_FOR_MAX_BANK  The diff from required heading for which and above the maximal bank angle is applied for heading keeping  100    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_DISCONNECT_CMD  The cmd value in which the AP is disconnected  200    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_IS_AVOID_CRASH_ON  Is the auto pilot also avoiding the aircraft from crashing into the ground. Requires the CrashDetector slc to be active.    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_IS_ENGAGED_ON_START  Will the AP be engaged when start in the air    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_IS_VERTICAL_NAV  false - to ignore the waypont altitude    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_LOOP_MANEUVER_NAME  The loop maneuver name as expected in ACTION_AP_DO_MANEUVER    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_LOOP_START_MINIMAL_SPEED  The required speed to start a vertical loop  500  50    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_MAX_ELEVATOR_CMD  The maximal cmd that the AP can use to operate the elevator  1000    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_MAX_TURN_BANK_ANGLE  The max bank angle when AP performes turns  80    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_MIN_FLIGHT_VELOCITY  The AP speed hold minimal value [Knots]  1000    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_ROLL_CMD_MULT  The AP roll command adaptation to the AC roll rate - 4 for cessna , 1 for Fast Aircraft  10  0.1    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_ROLL_MANEUVER_NAME  The Roll maneuver name as expected in ACTION_AP_DO_MANEUVER    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_ROLL_START_PITCH_ANGLE  The pitch angle to start roll maneuver  30    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_SPEED_TOL  The tolerance in speed holding [Kt.]  100    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_SPLITS_MANEUVER_NAME  The split S maneuver name as expected in ACTION_AP_DO_MANEUVER    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_TAXI_CRUISE_SPEED  The AP Taxi speed [Knots], when not turning   50    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_TAXI_TURN_SPEED  The AP Taxi ground speed for turning [Knots]  50    Default  Default 
PROP_AP_VVI_TOL  The VVI tolerance [ft / min]  10000    Default  Default 
PROP_DO_NAV_WHEN_CONTROLLED_ON_START  Set to true if you want the controlled aircraft to navigate through waypoints on start, before the pilot takes control   Start on nav mode when controlled  Default  Default 
PROP_RANDOMIZE_SPEED  The speed randomization magnitude [Knots]   20    Default  Default 
PROP_RANDOMIZE_SPEED_INTERVAL  The interval to draw a new randomize speed offset  1000    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Attributes

ATT_AP_ALTITUDE_TO_HOLD  The required flight altitude [ft]  float &      Length  Feet 
ATT_AP_CURRENT_MANEUVER_NAME  The current maneuver performed  string &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_ENGAGEMENT_STATUS  Engaged - true  const int  bool &    Default  Default 
ATT_AP_HDG_TO_HOLD  The required flight heading [deg]  float &      Angle  Degree 
ATT_AP_IS_ALT_HOLD_ENGAGED  Is the AP altitude hold loop engaged  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_IS_HDG_HOLD_ENGAGED  Is the AP heading hold loop engaged  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_IS_NAV_HOLD_ENGAGED  Is the AP navigation loop engaged   bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_IS_ON  Is the AP master switch on   bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_IS_PERFROMING_MANEUVER  Is the aircraft performing a meneuver. When false - the maneuver ended.  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_IS_SPEED_HOLD_ENGAGED  IS the AP speed hold loop engaged  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_IS_VERTICAL_NAV  Is the waypoint alltitude taken into consderation  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_REQUIRED_VVI  The auto-pilot required VVI  float &      Speed  Feet Per Minute 
ATT_AP_SPEED_TO_HOLD  The required flight speed [Knots]  float &      Speed  Knots 
ATT_AP_STATUS_DIRTY  true if any change in the AP engagement vector took place  bool &      Default  Default 
ATT_AP_TAXI_NEXT_WP_INDEX  The next taxi waypoint index  int &      Default  Default 
ATT_IS_MOTION_MODEL_UNIT  Is this SLC a part of the object's motion model  bool &      Default  Default 

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Icon actions.png Actions

ACTION_AP_ADD_TAXI_POINT_LonLatH  Add taxi point in world coordinated (Lon[deg] , Lat[deg] , H) , ignoring H.  const LinearVec &      Coordinate System  Global Degrees 
ACTION_AP_ADD_TAXI_POINT_XYZ  Add taxi point in simulation x , y, z coordinates (ignoring z)  const LinearVec &      Coordinate System  Local 
ACTION_AP_CLEAR_TAXI_POINTS  Clear the taxi point vector        Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_DO_MANEUVER  Starts a maneuver with the name specified. The available maneuver names are at the SLC properties.   const string &      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_ALT_HOLD  Engage / disengage the AP altitude hold  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_BANK  Engages / disengages the bank angle hold loop  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_HDG_HOLD  Engage / disengage the Hdg hold  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_NAV_HOLD  Engage / disengage the AP waypoint follower  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_SPEED_HOLD  Engage the speed hold mode  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_ENGAGE_TAXI  Engage / disengage the AP taxi mode  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_PAUSE_TAXI  True - pause the taxi maneuver , False - to resume taxi  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_SET_ALTITUDE  Set the AP altitude  const float      Length  Feet 
ACTION_AP_SET_BANK  Sets the required bank  const float      Angle  Degree 
ACTION_AP_SET_HDG  The required heading , in deg  const float      Angle  Degree 
ACTION_AP_SET_MAXIMAL_BANK  The wing bank will be used in turns  const float      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_SET_ON  Set ap on / off  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_SET_SPEED  The required speed to hold  const float      Speed  Knots 
ACTION_AP_SET_VERTICAL_NAV  false - to ignore the watpoint altitude  const bool      Default  Default 
ACTION_AP_SET_VVI  The vertical velocity for climb / descent  const float      Speed  Feet Per Minute 
ACTION_AP_TAXI_SET_NAV_POINTS  Sets the Nav point as set in the scenario builder to be the Taxi waypoints        Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_CURR_ALT_HOLD  Engage the AP altitude hold with the current altitude  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_CURR_HDG_HOLD  Engage the AP heading hold with the current heading  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_CURR_VELOCITY_HOLD  Engage the AP velocity hold with the current velocity  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_DISENGAGE  Disengages all AP channels  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_DISENGAGE_DO_NAV  Disengages the AP  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_ENGAGE_DO_NAV  Engage the AP to follow waypoints  const int  const int    Default  Default 
INPUT_AP_ENGAGED  Engages the AP for keeping altitude, speed and heading  const int  const int    Default  Default 

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Icon attributes.png Required Attributes


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Icon actions.png Required Actions


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